We all have dreams in how we see ourselves walk through life. Most of us dream of a better world, one in which we take care of Mother Earth. This is what drives us who are in this transition town movement, helping one another, paying it forward, doing unto others …

My dream is simple – live for another 50 years so that I can take care of my daughter who has autism. If you don’t have a child with a disability then you really can’t understand what we need to do. Although, this group, better than others, knows what needs to be done to help ensure future generations will have an earth to live on. We dream this, too. But our reasons hit home in a different way. Mostly, we have no one to rely upon to take on the responsibility of caring for our child. That’s why we do what we do.

We don’t dream of retirement or relaxing in the sun. We dream about meeting the needs of our child’s future and that is what you dream, too, but in a different way.

We wonder where she will live. We wonder what she will do to feel a valued part of the community. We wonder …

The idea to create a sustainable business following the facets of good stewardship of the earth. Having something that will be a part of a community is key. Having something that builds community is most important. This is what we hope to do with my latest dream for a better life.

“Give individuals with disabilities the opportunities to discover their talents and grow their capacities so they can take their place in the world as meaningful and valued contributors. Those with diverse abilities work together in an environment of respect and dignity, emphasizing mutual learning and shared contributions.” – Camphill Soltane

Our business (cafe, bakery, coffee roasting, pizzeria) is our next venture into the world of social enterprises to help change the world. Others have done it, so why can’t we, too. Our goals include:

  1. Providing the opportunity to learn skills and produce something that others will enjoy
  2. Providing jobs
  3. Providing a social atmosphere in which to make friends and feel good about one’s self
  4. Being open to everyone as we stand in solidarity with others. No matter who you are, you will be welcome.
  5. Utilizing local craftsmen and products in our business
  6. Engaging the community to be part of us
  7. Being energy efficient and globally responsible

Help us keep our business ventures moving forward in the years ahead to assist those with disabilities have a better life. Come join us! Your help is needed in many ways:

  1. Your thoughts and passion are important.
  2. Your donations are important.
  3. Your time to help us with our needs is important. We are looking for a civil engineer, a kitchen consultant, someone familiar with training as it applies to people with disabilities, an architect, just to name a few skills we need as we move forward.
  4. Spreading the word about our project is necessary to help find those who will partner with us.

Jim Wurster, proud Father of a daughter with autism and co-founder of New Avenue Foundation, 610-246-8939

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