Kim Edwards

KIM EDWARDS didn’t set out to write a record about love and heartbreak and didn’t notice that the order in which she chose to sequence the songs told a story until after it was set. The Pennsylvania-based songwriter wrote the follow up to her acclaimed 2012 debut full length Wanderlust – which debuted at #25 in the iTunes Top 200 Singer-Songwriter chart – without a specific concept in mind, letting her muse take her where it would.

“To be totally honest, I never noticed until it was done how the track order contributes to the narrative,” says Edwards. “Truly, I didn’t consciously write the songs or sequence the record with any sort of theme in mind; it just kind of fell into place,” she explains. “Which is funny, because after Wanderlust I had hoped for the next record to be a bit more focused and crafted-together. Thankfully, it happened that way quite naturally, because I certainly didn’t have a specific plan in mind!”

The songs on Lovers and Loners do seem to encompass all the stages of love and heartbreak (which is why in the end, “Lovers and Loners” turned out to be the perfect title for the EP). Each track contributes to the story, and yet they were all written with the intention of standing on their own. The record begins with “Love,” infused with the cautious hope that come with maybe just having met that special someone. “Stay” is exuberant with nervous energy and swelling hope, while “The Book of Love” blushes with heady joy. “Words” speaks to the demise of a relationship, “Lovers and Loners” stands in the rubble-strewn aftermath, and “The Sweetest Sound” meets you in your grief and gently warms with the faint glimmer of hope that one day you might learn to love again.

Written over eighteen months split between her ancestral home in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and her adopted home of Dallas, TX, the bulk of the recording was done in Dallas, TX at Randy Adams’ Studio X and at the Dallas Baptist University Music Business Studios. “Stay” was produced and recorded entirely by Marcus Ashley (Little & Ashley) at his studio in Laurel Canyon, CA.

Edwards studied classical piano starting at age four and was a piano performance major in college. Yet despite such an academic background, she has a free-spirited creativity and deep sense of musicality that keeps her work joyfully accessible. Her voice rings with silken purity, made all the more memorable with its subtle touch of grit.

In 2009, Edwards released her first self-titled EP (produced by Will Hunt (Ryan Cabrera, Amy Lee) and Ken Calderon). Since the release of Wanderlust Edwards has performed with artists such as Jars of Clay, Shirock, and Zerbin and was featured in the acclaimed NY Songwriters Circle showcase.

“Life is filled with highs and lows and everything in between,” says Edwards. “I think this record will speak to anyone, whether they’re a lover, a loner, or somewhere in between.” Lovers and Loners meets people wherever they might be, slings an arm around their shoulder, and walks with them wherever they need to go.
“Lovers And Loners is a flawless set of songs, one that ought to establish Edwards as a rising star on the horizon… specifically in the singer/songwriter sphere.”
– Lee Zimmerman, Elmore Magazine

“Edwards has a booming voice, which displays every emotion this relationship goes through. She is perfectly authentic whether she is looking for love, begging for redemption, or sullen over the final outcome.”
– Troy Michael, Innocent Words Magazine


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